When You’re Not into Her Games

Just because you had the good fortune to hook up with a gamer girl does not mean everything is going to turn up roses. With so many different genres and developers turning out everything under the sun when it comes to gaming these days, it is much more likely for you to both be into different things than it will ever be for you to share preferences. She could be from the best hookup dating website you found, but all the filters in the world can’t account for taste. Learning to accept the fact that sharing the same hobby does not mean you share anything else will make everything you do together a lot easier in the long run, so do not give up hope just yet.

Don’t Rag on the Games or Her

“She looks like a serious gamer – don’t even dare!”

Of course, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you aren’t putting down her for the games she likes or the games themselves. All of us have some very strong opinions about things we really enjoy, and riling her up over it is really not the best way to approach a difference in taste. Even if she plays the worst games in existence, if she is happy playing them, then good for her. We hope that if you have bothered dating her in the first place, you care for her enough to be glad she is happy. Playing the games that she likes is probably a big part of that. Insulting her for her tastes in those games is a one way ticket to spending your life on EroticAds.com. As nice a site as that is, anyone who is interested in a long-term relationship should put more effort into keeping the one they are currently involved in.

There is a difference between giving legitimate criticism and just putting down something she likes, of course. It is entirely possible to share your differences of opinion without making fun her or putting down the games themselves. Some games are just objectively better than others, whether that be due to gameplay, graphics, or anything else. Genre, on the other hand, is all about personal preferences. Shooters are not innately better than Role Playing Gameswhich are not innately better than strategy games, and so on. We make a point of saying this because the point of contention often comes down to the type of games she plays and not so much the particular games themselves. If she wants to play cooking games, or slaughter hordes of undead with a rusty knife, that’s her choice. If you do not like either of those games, that is fine too. Telling her you don’t enjoy them is fine as well. Going out of your way to espouse all the reasons they suck, however, or teasing her for liking them is a dick move. Don’t force yourself back to even the best hookup dating website just because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

Try Not to Make a Big Deal out of It

“Just try to have some fun”

No matter how prominent your disagreement, and how important gaming is to the two of you individually, do not make a really big deal out of her game choice. This should be a no brainer, but a lot of guys think that if something is really important to them, it is fair game to complain about until she gives in. It’s not. In fact, if the kinds of games she plays bother you to the extent that you have a real problem keeping your mouth shut about it, it might be better for the both of you to part ways sooner rather than later. We are not saying this because we do not think it is super important in the grand scheme of things, but rather as an indicator of a deal breaker. Everyone has something that they just cannot get over in a relationship and sometimes you do not know what it will be until you encounter it. That is fine, but it does excuse you from ignoring it in favor of trying to change her and her opinions. Introducing her to other titles is one thing, ragging on her non stop because she likes adventure titles and you think they are the scum of the earth is not. Learn the difference and when to call it quits.

Consider a Compromise

“Just give it a try”

As often happens with differences of opinion in relationships, compromises can be forged that make everything workable. No need to revert to the best hookup dating website at the first sign of conflict. Instead, something as simple as asking that she not expect you to play the games with her or play them around you can solve the issue. This way, you are compromisingyour freedom to share opinions for her composing some similar freedom in activities around you. This is just the beginning in terms of options available that make dating someone with differing views possible. It isn’t religion and it isn’t politics, which means you already have a massive leg up on solving this in a mutually beneficial manner, so take advantage of it. There is really no reason to let this be the great divider in your relationship, no matter how important gaming is to you.

Consider, also, how she might view your own gaming tastes. If they are really that different and yet she is willing to work through it, that can indicate that gaming itself simply is not as important to her, or that you are worth disagreeing over something that is that important. In either case, teasing, taunting and generally getting on her case over it is going to get on her nerves quicker than anything and poison the rest of your interactions. Don’t be the guy that cannot deal with his girlfriend having different opinions than him. They aren’t robots and they aren’t parrots: it is not her job to agree with everything you think. More to the point, however, is that when you disagree about something like this, there is a lot of room for compromise and she is probably going to be a lot more willing to come to one than in most other categories. At least make the effort to address the problem in the first place and it can become a non-issue in record time. In case things don’t work out and you are back in the dating pool, you might want to consider dating someone with similar interests. Check this legit online dating site called EroticAds. Read EroticAds Review: Our Comparison Test Will Give You the Real Deal. If you are feeling unsure and thinking, does hookup dating online work? Then you will be pleasantly surprised with the results on this site.

Leave It Alone

“Don’t be a baby, let it be”

Agreeing to disagree is the saving grace of a lot of relationships. When it comes to something that just is not integral to your day-to-day existence, then deciding to let it go can sometimes be the best decision you can make. If trying to debate the matter did not get you anywhere, and she is only getting more and more irritated by your inability to accept her position on the matter, drop it. Drop the entire conversation. Never say anything about it again, and move on. The thing is, there are just so many other things that can and will come up when you spend that much time and give that much attention to one person that you have to learn to pick your battles. No matter how important gaming is to you, chances are having differences of opinion on which games are good really won’t affect how you live your lives and should not have that much influence on your relationship.

Why Bragging about Your Conquests Can Come Back to Haunt You

We’ve all been there; it took a few hours of fling website reviews and fruitless attempts to hookup, but you finally landed a hot date that turned out even better than expected. After you get home, the urge to brag to your friends or post about it on social networks can be almost overwhelming, and hey, why not? It was a great time, and she was clearly looking to have a little fun. Not only that, but sharing stories of our exploits is kind of a break roomstaple and has been since the locker room in high school. There are, however, plenty of reasons to keep your mouth shut or at least keep it clean if the topic is brought up that will save you a lot of irritation and embarrassment in the long run. If you haven’t scored a hot date, then you need to revisit the top hookup sites. Visit flingsitereviews.ca/dating-sites-compared/ to read the reviews of fling sites and get a date for which you can start bragging (but you should avoid the bragging part).

First of All, Not All Guys Really Like Hearing about It

“Not every guy likes to brag”

Although it’s easy to understand why your date might have reservations about you spreading the dirty details all over Ottawa, it’s worth mentioning that there’s quite a few of us out there that just don’t want to hear about it. Sometimes it has to do with personal morals and a certain amount of social distance expected between co-workers, general acquaintances, and even some friends. For the rest of us, though, we just don’t want to listen to it. First of all, there’s far better topics of conversation than reliving your one night stand. Just because it was good for you doesn’t mean we want to hear all the gory details. Saying you had a good hookup is one thing. Going into detail or name dropping is completely inappropriate in most every setting you can think of. Unless we’re explicitly asking for a hookup, you can pretty much assume we don’t want or need to hear of your exploits.

We aren’t alone either. When asked about it separate of the other men in their social group, most guys admit that the forced banter about sexual prowess is both strained and unneeded. Most of us are perfectly content keeping our private lives private, and failing to speak up when you’re clearly intent on sharing the story is not an excuse to bring it up in the first place. So just don’t be that guy that makes every hangout awkward by talking about all the women you’ve ever slept with and who is like what in bed. Most of us just aren’t interested.

Not to Mention It Can Get You into Serious Trouble

“You can get into lot of trouble”

We’ve never understood the urge ourselves, but there’s always at least one guy in the group that seems to think work is an appropriate venue for describing sexual trysts. Just because there’s no women around doesn’t mean you can talk about whatever would otherwise violate a company harassment or hostile environment policy. First of all, you never know who is listening. Just because you don’t see anyone else doesn’t mean your face isn’t carrying out of the cubicle or office you’re in and it doesn’t mean your boss or Human Resources isn’t going to hear about it later. On the worst end of things, just assume there’s always someone out to get you in any sort of office environment. It sounds paranoid, but there’s usually at least one person who just flat out doesn’t like you and is just waiting for the chance to drag your name through the mud. So refraining from expanding on your exploits that followed fling website reviews and follow-up chat requests might just save your job.

Sooner or Later it’s Going to Affect Your Love Life

“She will not like it”

The thing is, even the woman in question won’t be there to hear it and may in fact never know you’re talking about something that was private between you and her, other women will. In the case of the office environment, you can be sure at least one of the guys you’re regaling with the details of your escapades is friends with one of the women in your office and more than willing to give her the heads up about you and your runaway mouth. This doesn’t mean that she’ll be the only woman to know, either. Most of the time, she’s going to share this information with anyone who seems remotely open to your advances or even just as a piece of gossip amongst the staff. Why? Because she wouldn’t want to be the woman you’re talking about it and generally won’t let someone she knows be either. Don’t expect this to just be confined to the workplace, either. More than likely at least one of the guys you bragged to is going to tell his wife about it and before you know it all of Ottawa knows you kiss and tell.

This does two things very quickly. First, it once again threatens your livelihood. Even if it was just once, if that sort of gossip reaches Human Resources, they will at least want to have a word with you in most cases. Even if they don’t hear about it, attempting to switch jobs to any company that’s the least bit social with anyone only one degree removed means they are probably aware of your reputation or will find it when they look you up online and will more than likely weigh it against you when deciding whether or not to bring you on board. Second, and more immediately, it can make hooking up online that much more difficult. If you think word spreads fast from person to person, just imagine the speed of information disseminated online. Your reputation can go from a great lay to a rampant loudmouth in the time it takes for one person to post a warning about hooking up with you on social media. No amount of fling website reviews will ever be able to deliver you to a page that hasn’t heard of your reputation if you manage to destroy it so thoroughly in the first place.

You Could Really Mess Things up for Her Too

“Her reputation is on the line as well”

Aside from all the selfish reasons to keep your reputation out of the gutter, just think of what a bit of gossip about a woman having a bit of a promiscuous sex life can do to her reputation. Whatever you just came up with probably falls short of the reality. The fact of the matter is even with all the chances of ruining your own reputation, generally speaking you still have a better chance of recovering from something like that than she does. For us, a little kiss and tell just means we’re a blabbermouth and at most might be contributing to an uncomfortable work environment. For her, it may as well be the modern version of a scarlet letter. Even if you don’t say or imply it, the derogatory remarks are going to come out regarding how easy she is and the general stigma associated with a woman sleeping around even if she isn’t attached is going to follow her around from work, to her home life, and can even affect the relationships with her children’s caretakers and school officials. All just because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut. So just don’t take the chance and at least avoid name dropping.

Why Small Businesses Should Get into Video Marketing

Marketing can be a pain for businesses. If you are a business owner, you will end up consuming most of your budget on marketing. Effective marketing, however, can help a business gain more. For small businesses, marketing is very crucial for its survival. Video marketing is one method of introducing and letting people feel a company’s presence. Here are three reasons why you should employ video marketing in your strategies:

1. Videos stand out over texts

It is easy for consumers to understand what message you want to relay by watching a video rather than reading articles or texts about you. Reading can also make people bored. Many experts are against video marketing because it is expensive. Video marketing is way cheaper than expensive commercials you see on TV. Commercials are expensive because they use actors and sign huge contracts with TV networks. Video marketing makes use of ordinary people as actors. It also uses platforms that don’t charge anything such as YouTube and Facebook for posting.

2. Video marketing is easily shared

Making your presence felt is easier through video marketing. Why is this so? Using Facebook as an example, you can create a video that is fun and exciting and post it on your Facebook page. Once someone finds this video and appreciates it, that person will begin sharing it to his or her friends, giving you free marketing. The more times your video is shared, the more popular your business becomes. You also do not need to put too much effort in marketing as you now have other people doing it for you.

 Video Marketing: Should It Matter To Small Businesses?

Video Marketing: Should It Matter To Small Businesses?

3. Existence of internet marketing specialists

Another great thing about video marketing is that there are a lot of people that can guide you and give you a heads up on how to use this method to your advantage. There are internet marketing specialists that can provide assistance with your videos while you continue doing what you need to do to run your business. This means that even if you are not familiar with video marketing, someone is going to do it right for you. These experts can advise you on what you need to do and what platforms your videos should be in.

Marketing Videos: Hot Button Characters

Marketing Videos: Hot Button Characters

It is usually difficult for small businesses to thrive against business giants who have the resources to market their business in a myriad of ways. Thanks to the creation of social media sites, small businesses now have access to video marketing without spending anything. It is a very effective way to grow a business as long as it is done properly. You just have to think of possible video ideas that are right for your business. You can then start creating your own video and promote your business effectively through video marketing.

Steps to Take When Buying Your First Home

Buying a home is a big step to make. You will be making one of the most important decisions in your life. You have to prepare yourself for the entire process because it is not going to be an easy one. There are a lot of things that you have to do. Here are the steps you need to take when buying your first home.

Find out if you are ready to buy your first home

It is more expensive to buy a home than to rent one. You have a lot of responsibilities as a homeowner including home repairs and paying for additional utilities that you usually get for free when you are a tenant. You also need to pay for insurance and taxes. If you are not prepared financially, buying a home can put you into a lot of trouble.

Start shopping for a loan

It is important that you are preapproved for a loan before finding a home. This way, you can trim down your options only to those that suit your price range. Before deciding on a loan, it is best that you talk with at least three persons. You also need to take advantage of the best rates and this is where a mortgage broker can help you. The broker will be the one to look at different lenders to find the best rate. Once you find a loan that suits your needs, you can start looking for a home.

Buying Your First Home

Buying Your First Home

Know the different kinds of loans

There are different kinds of loans as well as payment options available. A 15 or 20-year loan with a fixed rate is usually the best option. This kind of loan requires low monthly payments, so it should not be a big burden on your end.

Determine how much you can afford

Make sure that your mortgage plus your home’s insurance and taxes will only use up 20 to 30 percent of your monthly income. Experts also say that the cost of your new home should not be more than two and a half times your salary per annum. Spending too much on the mortgage is not a good idea. You may end up compromising the other needs of your family and may not even save for retirement. It is better to get a smaller house as long as you do not have to worry about your monthly dues.

Things Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know

Things Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Know

The steps that follow are somewhat easier especially when a real estate agent is there to guide you. Investing in a brand new home comes with a huge financial responsibility, so be sure to take it seriously. Know your mortgage options and always look for the best rate available. The last thing you want to happen is to lose your home because you were not able to pay your loan. So before you make the decision to buy your first home, make sure that you are indeed ready for it.

5 Workouts to Try This 2013

We all want to be fit and have great bodies we can strut whenever we want. The fact that you know you have a lovely body immediately spikes up your confidence. As good as it sounds it is not so easy to have a nice body. It takes a lot of hard work. You will have to exercise regularly. The past year may not have been great for you, but you can change that this year. Here are the 5 hottest workouts you ought to try this 2013:

1. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a combat sport where the winner would be tagged as the toughest in the bunch. Despite being a tough sport, it has always been known as a good cardio workout. When compared with other kinds of cardio, there is a bigger chance that fat found on the waist and thighs will be burned through kickboxing.

You do not have to engage in the sport. You can always go for fitness kickboxing. You do not even have to break your partner’s nose. You just have to practice the kicks, footwork drills and punches.

2. Cardio strength training

Rather than doing the traditional (running, walking, swimming), you might as well take it to the next level. Instead of jogging for half an hour, you can do a bit of circuit training first. It definitely offers more intensity than typical cardio training.

Against cardio strength training

Against cardio strength training

3. Plyometric workout

This kind of workout involves jumping that allows you to burn calories. Plyometric training is designed to produce quick movements that aids in improving the functions of your nervous system. It develops your muscle power so you can run faster and jump higher.

4. Crossfit

Crossfit involves varied functional movements that are done at a high level of intensity. When we say functional movements, it refers to the things we do each day. If you visit a Crossfit gym, you will not see typical gym equipment. You will instead find barbells, climbing ropes, pull up and dip bars, and rowing machines among others.

5. Suspension training

This kind of training has become more and more popular. It allows your entire body to train. You do not focus on individual body parts only. You will need straps where you hold the straps and by your hand or feet. You can hang the feet into the straps or let your hand lean away from or into it.

Suspension Training: How Risky Is It?

Suspension Training: How Risky Is It?

Taking your workout to the next level is essential if you want to reach your goals in no time. Now is the best time to step up. There are a lot of workouts you can try. Take the time to know each one of them and see which one is perfect for you. Regardless of what workout you choose, remember to work hard. After all, the only way for you to see results is if you give it your all. It will not really matter which workout you select.

5 Dating Profiles That You Need to Pass Up

Online dating is a great avenue for you if you are looking for love but just can’t seem to find the right person. There are a lot of people who are engaged in online dating, which increases your chances of getting a date. Though online dating presents a good chance for you to find a date, there are personal profiles that you need to avoid. To avoid getting hurt and disappointed, here are some of the profiles that you might want to pass up:

1. The pessimist

The pessimist is someone who only sees the negative in everything that they’ve done in life. They vent out on their bad dating experiences and relationships. They enjoy posting their failures and what they don’t want to happen to their lives. Avoid this kind of person because they can be clingy and desperate.

2. The self-centered jerks

There are also some funny people in dating sites that spend more time appreciating themselves than finding a potential partner in life. Most of these people have pictures in their profile showing their abs and great physique. Also, most of them just write a few words in their profile. Avoid them at all cost because these are the types of people that are only focused on superficial things. They can also be boring and lazy people.

99A Gifted Man is the exact same genre inverted.

A Gifted Man is the exact same genre inverted.

3. The great salesman

Another type of person that you should be wary of is the salesman. These people write things in their profiles that are too good to be true. These individuals are like salesmen who pitch what they are selling and try to pump up things. These are individuals who are seeking for vulnerable people for them to take advantage of. Bypass these profiles when you see them.

4. The freeloader

There is nothing wrong by taking advantage of free things. In an online dating site, free users, however, are a natural red flag. These people are just not into the dating game. You certainly don’t want to meet people who are not really interested to commit to their dating profiles by buying a membership.

5. The speedster

Getting into a relationship is a slow process. However, there are some people who want to build relationships and get intimate fast. These are people who do not believe that stable communication and dating are necessary in online dating. They are more comfortable seeing that both of you have similarities based on what is written on your profiles then boom, the person will instantly ask you out on a date.



Online dating is one of the best things you can do if you want to spice up your love life. To ensure that you will have the best experience in online dating, avoid people that are not worth your time. Also, try to put yourself away from danger by doing background checks on people you have been communicating through these sites.

The Best Headphones to Use in the Gym

Every time you go to the gym to work, you need to find a way to make it interesting so that you won’t get bored while working out. When working out, you spend hours at the gym and people resort to music as a way of getting through the long hours. Ordinary headphones won’t last when you take it to the gym because it will be subjected to motion and sweat. You need a headphone that is tough, shock resistant and can last for hours in constant motion. Here are some of the best headphones that you can find in the market today.

Denon Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones

This is a highly recommended headphone for gym workout. This is a great headphone because it has the best balance when talking about comfort, sound quality, style and price. You won’t find other headphone that has the same combination. One major advantage that you get from this headphone is it is sold in wireless version. You will no longer have a hard time inserting wire through your shirt. You won’t about the wires getting wet with sweat or getting caught on the gym equipments. Wireless is the new trend and is the future of portable musical players.

Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones

This headphone is one of the most comfortable headphones out there. It was designed with durability and quality in mind. This headphone is very popular because it splash and water resistant and is suitable for those who workout and are extra sweaty. Although it is a little expensive, it has cool designs and has sound quality that is second to none. It is crystal clear and the price that you are going to pay is all worth it especially after you use it.

Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones

Sony Sports W Series Waterproof MP3

Although this is technically not a pure headphone but it is used like one. This was first introduced during the CES 2013 conference. This functions both as a headphone and MP3 player. On top of that, it is waterproof. If it runs out of battery you can charge it for just 3 minutes. It is portable and is very light. Technically, this headphone is still not available but if you’re a fan, wait for the time that it will be made available by Sony.

Motorola S-10 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

Aside from being a good looking headphone, it is wireless. It is also one of the most comfortable headphones to wear. Reviews have said that the quality of this headphone is also good. It produces rich and full sounds as well as on-ear control for easier track manipulation. It is also called Hydrophobic Mesh which makes it water-resistant and is therefore resistant to sweat. It is perfect for gym use especially you are jogging.

Mostly excellent sports earphones

Mostly excellent sports earphones

These are the top quality headphones that you can buy today. Although most of these headphones are expensive, what you spent is surely worth it because these headphones are of the highest quality in terms of build and sound quality.

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